July 3, 2020


Facebook Certification

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Become a Facebook Certified Professional

To begin on a true note, it’s a fact that not every digital marketer is 100% aware of the “Facebook Blueprint” and the certification program associated with it. If you are an aspiring Facebook advertiser, looking forward to accomplishing your career goals then you should bag this certificate. So let’s dive in and check out the whole anatomy of Facebook Blueprint Certification.


Facebook Blueprint is a certification program offered by Facebook to help online marketers, especially social media marketers. This program aims to support social media marketers to learn, understand and get expertise in advance advertising strategies of Facebook paid campaigns and its related applications like Instagram.

The complete certification process based on an online medium, starting with referring to the e-learning guides and other study materials and ending with the final test. The best thing is that one can access and complete the test from any location as it’s not mandatory to visit or attend a test center to take the online test.


Well, now this is a topic that you need to focus on readers! For your updated information please make note of the fact that firstly, Facebook Blueprint Certification is not at all free and secondly it is categorized and available in 2 modules and as an individual you can opt for either one module or both the modules for achieving Facebook certification. Below is a short description of the different modules.

The Two Facebook blueprint certification Modules:

Facebook Certification Planning Professional (FCPP):

  • Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
  • Facebook Certified Planning Professional

Facebook Certification Buying Professional (FCBP):

  • Facebook Advertising Core Competencies.
  • Facebook Certified Buying Professional.

From the above two certifications, you can clearly notice that Facebook Advertising Core Competencies is common to both.

Why Choose Us?

* GlobalCertified.pro is unique and innovative platform- Easy to do the certification and connect global certified professionals around the world.

* Two months Real time projects with Industry experts.

* Training free of cost if you will bare global certification exam fee only,

* We will provide lab facility as well.

* We believe everyone should have the opportunity to create progress through technology and develop the skills of tomorrow.

* With assessments, learning paths and courses authored by industry experts, our platform helps businesses and individuals benchmark expertise across roles, speed up release cycles and build reliable, secure products.

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